Japanese Class for Non-Japanese Residents


A place for non-Japanese people to study beginner Japanese and Japanese culture, taught by expert Japanese teachers and supported by Japanese language volunteers. In addition to supporting non-Japanese people, these classes aim for mutual learning and understanding through Japanese language and culture. Around 100 students take the classes each year, and students are offered a completion certificate when the Japanese teacher recognizes that they have mastered the content of the textbook.


Those who live, work, or study in Arakawa City and have a beginner level of Japanese (16 and older).
*Excludes students at language school


【Course Fee】

¥2,000 per term

【Teaching Materials】

Daytime course: ¥2,800 for textbook, ¥1,200 for workbook
Night course: ¥2,800 for textbook, ¥900 for workbook

Dates and Times

Tuesday and Thursday each week

Daytime course: 2 to 4pm
3F, Conference Room No. 5, Lifetime Learning Center, 3-49-1 Arakawa, Arakawa-ku (MAP)                      

Night course: 7 to 9pm
2F, Higurashi Fureaikan, 6-28-15 Higashi-nippori, Arakawa-ku(MAP)                     


Term 1, Daytime and Night Courses: April to June (20 sessions) 
Term 2, Daytime and Night Courses: September to November (20 sessions)                  
Term 3, Daytime and Night Courses: January to March (20 sessions)                      

Class Schedule(Yearly)

How to Apply

Please click a flyer.

Applications and Inquiries

Arakawa International Communications Office
2-2-3 Arakawa, Arakawa-ku 116-8501
(part of the Culture and Exchange Promotion Section at Arakawa City Hall)
Phone: 03-3802-3798   Fax: 03-3802-4769