Donaustadt, Vienna, Austria


Arakawa Ward and the Donaustadt district of the City of Vienna began exchanges in 1992 with the mutual holding of an exhibition of children’s paintings in both districts, which led to a series of exchanges through mutual visits by the mayors of both districts and the dispatch of the Arakawa Ward Boys and Girls Choir. In Donaustadt, “Arakawa-str.” and “Ogu-gasse” are located alongside “Nippon-gasse” and “Tokio-str.”, named in commemoration of the friendship exchange with Arakawa Ward. There is also a mosaic mural entitled “Arakawa-ku to Tomodachi” (Arakawa Ward and Friends). Arakawa Ward also has a Danube Square, Danube Street, and the sculpture “Danube’s Music” installed at the east exit of Minami-Senju. The friendship between the two wards is inscribed in the names of places in both wards and lives on in the lives of the residents of both wards as a common asset.

Friendship Agreement

October 21, 1996

Exchange Programs

・Mutual dispatch of high school students
・Internship for University Students in Vienna
・Austria-Japan Friendship Recital